6 Tips For Landing a Job

6 Tips For Landing a Job

6 Tips For Landing a Job

6 Tips For Landing a Job-Let’s face it. Being unemployed is depressing. You can’t help becoming a little discouraged after your fourth or fifth interview in one week has produced no results, or worse yet, when you can’t even seem to land an interview at all. Some job seekers become discouraged and simply log on to try another search, yet still come away unsatisfied. There are people who are truly trying and have done this for months and months without seeing any results-and happy, 비아그라 가격 because they’ve actually taken the time to log on and explore other options.

However, if you’re going to have any hopes of nailing down an actual job, then log on and explore your options today!

1. Do not use a job agency to find a job. Yes, they’ll find a job for you when you need one, but you have to be proactive. Don’t fall into their trap of simply submitting your resume and waiting for the call. This is a doomed session. You’ve already lost and wasted so much time. Contact recruiters, visit professional association websites, and let everyone know you are looking for a job.

2. Do not use JobMailWhen you have lost your job, one of the last things you should do is spend hours creating a resume, a synopsis, and sending it off to 30 companies, when you need to accomplish much more in the shorter amount of time available. Use jobmail much more frequently, and try posting your resume to dozens of job boards by merely selecting a few dozen at a time, and writing directly in response to those that contain appropriate keywords.

3. Do not respond to “Copywriters Needed” Ads.Job boards are a plague, and the lure of search engine optimization through using search engines may be just as strong today as it was when this recession started. Every position you may wish to fill is listed at the search engine. The only difference is that your resume will not appear where a lot of others will appear.

4. Do not submit your resume to your current employer’s job postings.In the event that you are currently employed, and wish to switch jobs, please take some time to consider the following: What are the requirements for landing a new position? What can you do to change your current working environment? (Speech is key here!)

5. Do not dream of a perfect job .It is good to have a dream, even if that dream is of a perfect job.  Remember that dreams don’t always come true, and life is about taking chances.  Perhaps you have the ability to be flexible, and to learn to live with instability. It can be done.  If you would earnestly research any sort of position, it would be well worth your effort.

6. Do not pay a placement fee to a recruiter unless they ask for one.Many job seekers are shouldering the fees charged to them by job boards (and many contingency recruiters) without considering whether or not they should be charged at all.  There are good reasons to charge for a recruiter’s services.  They need to earn a fee for finding qualified candidates to fill their clients’ vacancies, and they need to earn that fee by successfully placing candidates who are a good fit for those clients.  If a recruiter is charging you to find you a job, they are not doing their job correctly.